H11 H9 H8 H16JP LED FOG Light/DRL Bulbs 44W 8000LM 3000K Golden Yellow Z3 Series | 2 Bulbs

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Color: Golden Yellow
Decoder Resistor: -
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  • Z3 Series is specially designed for fog lights, day time running light(DRL) use only.ÿNOT for headlights and high/low beam DRL applications.
  • Non-polarity installation


  • Two-sided lamp bead design, high power 3570 chips.
  • 8000LM superior penetration fit for rainy&foggy days.
  • 300% as bright as your original halogen fog light bulbs.
  • Built-in CAN-Bus no flash no flicker, no error products.
  • Note: Someÿsensitiveÿcarsÿmayÿflickerÿafter installation (not a qualityÿissue), so additionalÿcanbusÿdecodersÿareÿneeded.
  • 6063 Aluminum Made in the highest quality.
  • Complete aluminum body designedÿfor quicker heat dissipation.
  • Extends lifespan to 50,000 hrs.


  • H11 LED Light Bulbs *2


Plug Type: H11 H9 H8 H16JP
LED Type:ÿÿCSP 3570
Efficacy(per bulb): 22W
LED Quantity(per bulb):ÿ6pcs
EfficacyÿLumen(2/pcs): 8000LM
Operating Voltage: 9-12V
Color: 3000K Golden Yellow
Material: Aviation 6063 Aluminum
LED Lifetime: 50000 hours
Waterproof: IP68


The bulb size may vary between trims of your vehicle, please double-check the owner's manual or original bulb number to confirm before purchasing.

  • FIT SIZE: H11, H9, H8, H16JP
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